Friday, August 21, 2015

TWO YEARS LATER and the big H

You lose time so quickly.  I try to make the best of my time now because there always seems to be something that gets in the way. It slaps you right back to reality. Don't get to comfy because you have a son with Mental Illness and addiction.

Heroin has gotten in our way. Kenny was clean for a long time and then he started to remember that feeling you get. I don't know what that feeling may be but it had better be pretty damn good if it takes you away from your baby and your life.

We did an intervention on Kenny, while his girlfriend, fiancee, whatever the hell she is (we call her a few other names that I don't need to mention) was on a cruise with her mom and the baby. Yes, she took her child on a cruise, out of the country, with Heroin. I cleaned out their house for days getting rid of all the drugs and filth.

Such losers.

Intervention didn't work.

I called the Division of Child & Family Services. A case was opened. They had to comply or lose the baby. I was told I would never see my granddaughter again. I have seen her a few times since Christmas for less than an hour.

It kills me.

I will DCFS call again and again, if that is what it takes to keep my granddaughter safe.

Kenny is supposedly clean right now. He's working sometimes. He sees his doctors. He doesn't see me, very much.

I try to focus on other things.