Monday, February 25, 2013


Kenny has gone to work full time, yeah! He is doing well with it but spends a lot of his time off sleeping.
He and his girlfriend got two dogs from the shelter. They are being responsible with them, keeping them fed and safe. They could use the money they are spending on the dogs on other things, like the arrival of their baby.
Yes, you read right. I am going to be a grandma. We have not been officially told yet, but she is showing so it is hard not to know.
I told my SIL that I wanted grandkids (she has 15!) and at this point I would take them even if my sons weren't married. Be careful what you wish for.
I am extremely worried. What is my responsibility in this? I did all I could for my children to grow up into responsible adults. Did I teach them enough to be responsible parents, especially Kenny?
I am excited and happy.
I look forward to this baby in our life.
I would really like to be told.

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