Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crash and Burn

I knew Kenny was to happy and to funny for to long.

I knew this day was coming.

He is in his bed not wanting to move. He is done for a while.

We will wait.

We did get to celebrate his 23rd birthday while he was happy which was good.

 This is one of the cakes he got. His GrandMary made this for him.

This is what his dog Ryker did to the cake before we got a chance to eat it.

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  1. Oh, dear! Kenny's "in his bed not wanting to move."

    Bear is feeling the same way, though he does manage to get out of bed. This happens to Bear every year when winter turns to spring. (But we, his Editorial Committee, have taken charge of things for a bit; we've explained in on his "Chrome" blog.)

    We hope Kenny is soon up and about.


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