Sunday, December 11, 2011


Kenny got out of jail on Monday. After 6 weeks of sitting in there waiting to get into an inpatient program called CORE the court decided that Kenny was not "bad enough" for it. So they ordered him into an intensive day treatment program. But, after I told them our insurance would not pay for it and either would I they were once again stumped as to what to do with him.
He got a job offer where the employer is going to make a job for Kenny at his car dealership (not our family member's dealership). He will start him out cleaning the shop, move him to lube, oil, and filter when Kenny's ready and then send him to mechanic school.
Well...the court won't let Kenny take that job until they can decide what to do with him. I feel like we are on a wheel in a very small hamster's cage and we keep running in the same little confined space never getting anywhere!
He has been doing very well since he got out. Going to meetings and doing things around the house. Not using.
Today we took him with us to feed the ducks. He usually doesn't go on these kinds of outings with us. I am so glad he decided to go today. He had fun. He smiled. He laughed. It was good.

The sound of the ducks is almost overwhelming.


  1. Good to see him smiling. My brother is home as well, looking for a job. The cycle continues :)

  2. I'm sorry for the frustration, but it is nice to see that beautiful smile.


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