Monday, November 28, 2011

Missing Out

Kenny is missing out on life.

We always knew this would happen. We told him this would happen. We would say stuff like life will continue on no matter what you do.

His Grandma died this morning. Most of the family got to say their good byes in person. He wrote her a letter.

I don't know if they will let him out for the funeral or not. They said they might at his last court appointment. But we don't count on anything that the court says until it actually happens. I don't know if getting out for a day and then having to go back would be a good thing for him or not.

I am sad today. Very sad for Kenny.


  1. I'm very sorry for your family's loss. My thoughts are with you.

  2. I'm glad that you told him. My mother withheld information on an important family death from me when I hit rock bottom and it shattered my trust in her. I hope things turn around for you guys soon.


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