Sunday, June 12, 2011

Visiting The Cuckoo's Nest

We have visited Kenny twice in what he calls the Cuckoo's Nest (I found out he has the movie) full of crazy people.

I had to remind him that he was one of those people. He really didn't understand the first few days why he was there. He just wanted out!

Today he was different. His demeanor had changed. I asked what changes they had made to his meds. They took him completely off one which I had questioned why he was ever on. AND... he had to start taking one the way it was prescribed! Imagine that. I tried to get him to take that medicine right, which was three times a day and do think I could get him to do that!?! He just smiled his big beautiful smile at me like he does.


His dad and I are trying to convince him to take advantage of him time there. Go to the groups, don't sleep the whole time, talk with the doctors. He did make it to two groups today. One was outside which I can imagine he ran to since he has been indoors for days. The second was an art class. I asked what they did.  He said they were suppose to paint how they felt, so silly me said did you paint a flower? No, my son painted a skull figure with upside down crosses in it's eyes and blood coming out of it's brain.  He said others drew flowers though. I told him they were probably lying (about their feelings).

I am looking online for a locked and alarmed medicine dispenser.


  1. Yes; visiting the cuckoos. I distinctly remember the movie.

    Glad to hear Kenny has been able to get on to new med, and get the timing of another sorted out. Both of those are important.

    And painting a bloody skull somehow seems so right for Kenny. Sadly.

    Hope you all survive this "domestic change."

  2. hang in there. let me know if you need anything...



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