Saturday, June 18, 2011


Mushrooms are Kenny's drug of choice. He relapsed on them last night.

He lied to me. He told me I was dropping him off at a sober friends house when I was really dropping him off at an addicts house. He had it planned.

Two of his sober friends showed up at our house at midnight saying Kenny had texted them and he was in a bad place. He had cut himself again.

Of course we jumped and called out the posse.

This time though we didn't pursue him that hard.

His sponsor finally found him and brought him home about 3:30a.m.

We were prepared to leave him in jail had he ended up there.

We are trying not to lose it completely with him and kick him out when he is so down, but we are ready to let him go if he doesn't turn things around. It's too hard on the rest of the family.

Thoughts on how to handle him would be welcome.

Oh yeah it's just barley the second half of June and we have already met our out-of-pocket portion of co-pay for insurance which is $10,000. We'll just put all that on payments, thank you.


  1. As a mom thats a really hard thing to have to face deal with although my son has struggled with mental illness drugs is something we have never had to face thank the good Lord. You are a very strong mother to be able to do whatever it takes to save your son. As a mom I know you dont want to see him fail and want to step up and save him and fix all of his problems. As a professional I would tell you that maybe its time to let him fail, and have to face the consequences. Hes on probation to prior drug charges? Would he go back to county lock up or to prison? I dont know that I would suggest him going to county lock up bc he wont get any help there, but if he would go to prison it might be something to consider, or if he were involved in drug court if they were willing to send him to court ordered rehab it would definatly be something to consider that way its not your fault but his. If these things are not an option because he is cutting again you can have him committed again bc hes a harm to himself. If hes still seeing a therapist I would strongly advise you to talk to him/her and get sugestions from someone that knows him. I know from the last time he was inpaitent a couple of weeks ago you said you didnt know if you could afford the expence of putting into a long term facility but honestly I think thats the best option at this time. He needs more support that he can get at home right now.
    Know that I will be thinking of you and praying for the right solution for you and for Kenny

  2. Oh, dear! Things are just going from bad to worse. I know you love Kenny, but sometimes, if he's upsetting the whole family, you have to focus on others, not just him. That may mean decision-making becomes a bit easier.

    Blessings and Bear hugs in a difficult time.


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