Monday, June 20, 2011

Home or Homeless - His Choice

Hubby and Kenny went on a drive and had a talk last night.

Basically shape up or ship out. Hubby generally has a tender approach when talking to his children (if he's angry - watch out though.) but they seem to understand what he is telling them.

I think Kenny understood. Kenny knows that if he screws up he faces 2 years in prison. He tells us he would kill himself instead of sitting in prison for two years. I believe him.

Kenny has almost a year of probation behind him. He has not missed an appointment with Mental Health Court or his probation officer. Mental Health Court was made here in place of drug court (which they also have here). Mental Health Court has a good theory behind it. It is a very praising, patience court that focus' more on the good that you have accomplished rather than the bad. But most people in it are repeat offenders not because they are bad people but because they have mental illness. Most don't fully understand or have the impulse control to stop their behavior before it gets full blown. When they finally see what they have done they feel terrible. Mental Health Court is family for a lot of individuals going there. 

I really would hate to see Kenny fail now. I know that's up to him.

"We" (hubby and I, not Kenny) have a job in mind for Kenny. We are looking into it. Kenny said he would do it. I'm sure I will have to get him up and going the first little while, but once he gets a routine down he does well. 

Clean and sober going on 3 days. Again.

Thank you for your words they make me stronger and better educated. I would rather be better educated in how to knit.


  1. Well, Kenny knows he has to take some responsibility for himself. Here's hoping he'll rise to the occasion.

    Blessings and Bear hugs to his mom and dad in a nail-biting time.

  2. For some reason I have not been getting updates from your blog. I am sorry that I didn't catch up with this sooner.

    Since I can't speak as a mother, let me speak again as one with bipolar. I tend to agree with others that maybe it's time to let go and let Kenny live up to that responsibility he keeps promising. Sometimes there is no other way. If long-term care is an option, perhaps that is better for him and for your family. I suspect that you all need a chance to rest, recuperate, and focus on each other's needs as well.

    Sometimes we have to hit absolute rock-bottom and stay there alone for a while to realize how serious things are and what's important to us. I truly hope that doesn't take Kenny to a place that he can't return from but that's not something that you guys can necessarily prevent. I think you've done all that can reasonably be expected of you.

    Whatever the case, his future is his choice and his responsibility. He's not stupid and he's not crazy - far from it. If he wants to change or if he needs help, he knows where to find it.

    I wish I had the power to take all this away but I can't even take it away from myself. All I can do is approach every day with a goal and a plan. He can do that too and I hope with all my heart that he will.


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