Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Give Me A Minute!

I would like to get through one week without drama.

If there is to be drama I would like to better at dealing with it, cause right now I'm a little snippy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I came home from church to ducks in my front yard.

It made me happy.

I thought I would share.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cops, DUIs, and A Really Messed Up System!

Yep, Kenny was thrown in jail again.

Can you believe it was for basically running a red light!!!! Oh the cop also threw in a DUI because he didn't like the way Kenny looked (even though HE PASSED THE TEST!) Kenny was driving on a suspended license that we were never made aware of because the Department of Motor Vehicles won't have their mail forwarded!!!! Kenny would never have been allowed to drive if we had known his license was suspended. In fact we had driven him almost everywhere since July. Jeff went out two weeks before Kenny was thrown in jail and got a cheap car for Kenny to use. He was out about 1:00a.m. to visit a friend who was having a hard time. She was recently raped and Kenny (good ole Kenny) was going to try to comfort her. He went through a red light two blocks from our house (dumb shit!). It cost us over $600.00 to get the car back. The @#^&* tow truck driver towed it less than two blocks! Then there was bail...

The suspended license was do to time when Kenny was too drunk to drive so he had his friend drive, who was also drunk. The friend high centered Kenny's car in the canyon, called us in the wee morning hours to help them. Woke up Kenny, got him out of the passengers side, put him in the drivers set and then took off on Kenny's long board no less. Yeah that car was totaled. Kenny has a few friends that are losers and users. We are trying to weed those individuals out before they cause major damage both mentally and financially!

I'm so angry at the system! Kenny has a great big target on him. Even his probation officer was upset with the situation. The cop thought Kenny had been drinking so he made Kenny take a breathalyzer ~ all zeros. Kenny did all the tests the cop asked him too but the cop still didn't "like the way Kenny looked".  Kenny tried to give the cop the letter that he carries concerning the meds he takes and the cop said he didn't care. The courts have the letter on file, they required it! The cop didn't even look at it! He must have been short! They did do a blood test at the jail. That takes 4 to 6 weeks to get the results. Yeah let's not rush the one thing that could prove someones innocence.

We have lost so much respect for the cops. Yes, they have a crappy job. They choose it though. They signed on to help people. What we have seen is they think that anyone that has ever been in any kind of trouble are liars, druggies, no good, rotten, worthless people who don't deserve a second chance.

Kenny has handled it fairly well. The people at Mental Health Court and his probation officer are understanding and not to concerned about things. They told Kenny not to worry. We all know though that if the DUI sticks and the charge goes through he will get kicked out of Mental Health Court and he goes to prison for two years.

That will kill my son and a large piece of me.

For those of you that follow Kenny's blog he changed his blog address and didn't realize he would lose all his followers