Friday, January 21, 2011

Who Are You Cutting?

First of all Kenny did not have to have surgery on Wednesday! An amazing doctor walked into the room and said that after looking at the xrays the only thing surgery would do right now is pad his wallet and make the xray look perfect. He wants to wait a week and see if it will heal on it's own. The risks of surgery are greater than just having it heal on it's own. It might not be perfectly straight but that is okay with us. Now the kicker, he has to leave the splint on until next Friday! Then he will be put in a cast; which I requested over another splint because I know my son ;-)

Kenny spoke at his old high school again yesterday. He speaks in two different classes. He shares his experience with mental illness and drug use. The high schools in Utah don't do much about mental illness. They do have the Hope for Tomorrow program, but if you don't have an advocate for mental illness in the school there is not much done with this program. They show the same video that they have shown for the past umpteen years.

The students are always encouraged to ask questions when Kenny is done sharing. The questions they ask blow me away! Not things I would have ever dreamed about when I was going to school; too embarrassing and heaven forbid everyone would know your secret!

So here are two of the questions that were asked:
What do you think set off your mental illness? We think drugs might have jump started what was starting to happen with Kenny.
DO YOU THINK CUTTING IS ADDICTIVE? Could you imagine asking that question in high school!

After class a girl came up to Kenny with another girl in tow and began - I love this girl, but she cuts herself and I'm afraid.
Kenny looked at the cutter girl and said, do you hear her? yes Do you believe that she loves you? yes Do you love her? yes...

The next time you go to cut yourself know that you are harming her, you are hurting her.

The students wrote Kenny a letter/comment. He said is responding to each one.

I asked Kenny about his cutting which is scary for me to do because I don't want to set him off. He told me he quit. I'll take that and be happy for now.

To think that Kenny is helping teenagers cope with mental illness and drug use is so encouraging to me. He does have a gift and I hope he realizes it and shares it often.

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