Monday, January 24, 2011

Well I'll Be

Never thought of this blog as award worthy but I guess someone else does. Thanks Skepticat.

I started this blog wanting to reach out to other parents who have children with mental illness. I need support, wisdom, and comfort. I have not found too many parents yet. I am hoping they just haven't found me yet and not that they are embarrassed or in denial (or just to busy with their loved to blog). What I have found is a group of individuals that are going through the same type of things that my son is going through and it is hopeful and comforting for me to read their journeys and know that they are out there and living life. Logically I know that Kenny is not the only one dealing with mental illness, but there are times when I feel like it, so it's good to read about others.

Today I got this award...

The rules to having this award are simple. I have to tell you 5 fascinating things about me and then nominate 3 other blogs that I find worthy of this award. I should tell you I don't feel very fascinating but boringly normal.

1. I love genealogy and finding the grave sites of family members. I volunteer at Find A Grave taking pictures of local grave sites for people around the world. Walking through cemeteries is peaceful to me.

2. I had dreams about my daughter Lily before she was born and I knew we would be adopting her.

3. For a long time I wanted to be a police officer but after seeing how they treated Kenny I am glad I didn't pursue that career.

4. I was accepted to flight attendant training in 1984, but met Jeff and those plans "flew" out the window.

5. My grandfather committed suicide at the age of 91, in 2001, and I am still angry at his selfish actions.

Now to choose 3 blogs -

First would be my son Kenny's blog Poetry of a Head Case. I'm very proud of my boy.

Second is Jaron's blog All The World's A Stage. This young man is around Kenny's age so I gravitate toward him. He is an amazing writer going through a journey that I understand.

Third is My Black Fog. Like me she has Fibromyalgia (there is reason enough for an award!).

She along with Jaron, Kenny, Skepticat, and all the other blogs that I have come across continue to push forward. We have our days, our moments, but we continue on. We are learning one day at a time that our lives are worth living.


  1. Congratulations on the award. You're a gutsy writer; you deserve to be recognized for that.

  2. Thank you so much suzie. You most definately deserve an award not only for your blog but for the work you do as a mother. I know I would not be the person I am today without my mother. She is my strength and I'm sure you are that for your son as well. Congrats!


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