Sunday, January 16, 2011

Those That Prey On The Vulnerable

In the past few days I have read blog posts and facebook posts concerning people that prey on the vulnerable.

I have two children that I think could easily be swayed and it scares me and worries me to the point of being sick at times.

There are terrible trolls and people that get their jollies making fun of individuals with disabilities, especially Down syndrome. They steal pictures off of blogs and other sites of our children and then photo shop these children into terrible situations. There is now a site called Rate A Downs where you rate the picture of the person with Ds. The person who created the website said he would take it down for a ransom. The authorities have been contacted.

In the mental illness world I was surprised by the "Good Christian People" trying to help heal my son. There was one woman who promised my son that if he came to JUST ONE MEETING he would never cut or think of suicide again. I was livid! Here's the kicker - that first meeting only cost $500.00 to attend! If you didn't have $500.00 you could stand outside the meeting before it began and beg for it from members of the group.

He has had at least one that has posted on Kenny's blog that Kenny could follow his blog. When you go to his blog it's all about repentance and forgiveness. MY SON HAS NOTHING TO REPENT OF WHEN IT COMES TO HIS ILLNESS!

After the past few days I have started looking at the people who follow me. I have a person following me on this blog and another on Lily's blog and I now question why they would want to follow the blog. I am not a fabulous writer. I don't have amazing giveaways. Why are they following me?

Let me put it out there to those with alternative motives.
  1. Don't steal my pictures; I will contact the authorities and get you in as much trouble as I possibly can.
  2. Don't try to sway me to your religion. I am very happy and content in my beliefs and religion.
  3. If you try to lead either of my children into a situation that would be harmful to them I will hurt you. It most likely will not be physically, but I will do everything I possibly can to make your life miserable.

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  1. The world is indeed full of these predators and I spend a lot of my time raging about them too. We need more people to take a stand on this and raise awareness. It's simply not acceptable!

    You know, you don't have to be a fabulous writer to have a good blog. You just need to be a fabulous person willing to take the risk and share. Keep writing and stick to your guns!


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