Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Panic Attack

I went to the doctor for an overall checkup and found out that I am a heart attack waiting to happen. I have high cholesterol that is so high that medication alone will do little for me. I am not a big eater, but having a cattle rancher for a grandfather has made me a steak loving kinda gal.

The other night the new medical info was just a little to much for me and I panicked. I haven't had a panic attack for years. I don't like panic attacks.

After tossing and turning, my heart beating out of my chest, the body jerking (which scares hubby) and the never ending mind ramble I got out of bed and headed for the living room couch.

Well the white blanket wasn't there... This set off a whole other problem for me because at that moment I wanted the white blanket and there is no rationalizing with a woman having a panic attack. I didn't care what time of the morning it was. I knew damn well Kenny had it so off I went. Knocking at his locked door; he was still awake.

I need the white blanket!
What are you talking about?
You have it and I need it!
It's in the garage
What! What the hell is my grandmother's white blanket doing in the garage!!
I was watching movies, it was cold.
Is Taryn sleeping in the garage!?!
What? No!
You don't understand I need the white blanket!!!!

I walked away ranting. At that moment Kenny was writing a poem so he just decided to write about me bitching about a white blanket. He didn't know what was happening with me.

I went back to the couch with some old icky blankets, that weren't my grandma's, threw a pillow to the floor and there was the white blanket.

Sorry Kenny. I am off to buy turkey, chicken and lots of fruit and vegetables. I will discuss exercise later.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your situation. I would have been panicking too! Just do what you can do - whatever meds may help a little, whatever changes to diet and exercise you can manage. Having just that little bit of control may help you stave off the fear.

    Take it easy and take care of yourself.


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