Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Feather's Were Ruffled!

I grew up respecting and trusting the police. I taught my children to respect and trust the police. When Kenny was arrested in July I lost a ton of respect and trust for the police. Don't get me wrong what Kenny did justified him being arrested. It was what happened afterwards that made me lose respect and trust. It was the lies and false promises made to Kenny and myself by police that flat out floored me! We are not the only ones that have dealt with this. A lot of people arrested are given false promises by police in return for information. What I didn't know was that police can't promise you anything in regards to your case. Once they have written the report and handed it over to prosecuting attorney's it is out of police hands. They can suggest things to the attorney but the attorney does not have to listen or do anything that the police say. Another thing I learned is that if you are not the arresting officer and you promise the moon to the inmate or family member that promise cannot be upheld if the arresting officer and prosecuting attorney aren't on board. Police can recommend charges but can't impose them.

So yes I look at police much differently now.

Today I was at the NAMI conference. There were a lot of police officers there. I think it must have been due to the fact that Duane Cardall was a keynote speaker. Utah has plans to develop a statewide CIT program and again I think this has to do with the tasing of Brian Cardall. So I think the officers were there to learn, but I don't think they all wanted to be there. Today during one of the sessions the speaker was talking about the side effects of anti-psychotic medicines, one of which is Tardive Dyskinesia. One of the officers next to me started mimicking the symptoms! I was appalled! During the last session one officer was right next to me and he was writing on his conference evaluation. His hand writing was so large I could read most of it. He was complaining about Duane Cardall and how police were victims too!

Victim's of what! If he feels like he is a victim he shouldn't be a police officer! I hope that these two officers are never called out on a case where someone with mental illness is involved because I saw their true colors today. They didn't come across as caring about individuals with mental illness and they seemed like they would be bothered by people with mental illness.

I feel like I am fighting a losing battle when it comes to advocating for my son. My feather's were ruffled today.

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  1. I hear you loud and clear! I have not trusted the police for some time now because I know that the Supreme Court has ruled that they can lie to you to obtain a confession and that you must now demand your Miranda rights. The deck is stacked against all of us who are not wealthy and powerful enough to beat the system.

    During my one and only stint in jail (awaiting a hospital bed), I repeatedly asked for a lawyer but none came. After a week, they told me they'd see about getting the lawyer if I'd sign a release to go to hospital. When I signed it, apparently, I waived my right to counsel. I was in no mental state to sign anything and yet these devils got away with it. I never once saw a lawyer and my employer fired me for my hospitalization.

    All I can do is encourage you to let your anger motivate you to learn as much as you can about how the police work and the tricks they can use against you. Police are like teachers: there are many good and dedicated ones out there. But there are also some unscrupulous ones who see us all as perps and don't care how they make the arrest so long as they get it.


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