Friday, November 26, 2010

Interesting Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was unlike any Thanksgiving we have ever had.

About a month ago Kenny called me and said, "Mom..." in that voice your children have when you know they are going to ask for something. He went on to ask if we (hubby and I) would be willing to share our home on Thanksgiving Day with recovering addicts.

Well sure why not!?!

We ate traditional Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday as my parents were going to my brothers for Thanksgiving.

Starting at 12:01a.m. on the 25th people started coming over for the AA 24 hour Thanksgiving Marathon Meeting . They were directed to our heated garage in the back where chairs had been set up and coffee had been made. There was a fire going strong in the fire pit with frozen plastic chairs placed around that I thought sure would crack when sat in.

As a mom I had to hold back with my ideas and thoughts since this was not my event. So when I was handed a frozen solid turkey in the early morning hours of the 25th I just smiled and said I would do my best to get it cooked. And, when the morning came I gave them a coffee cake and they left it out for the dog to eat I didn't offer to give them the other one I had bought for my family inside. Instead I said make sure it is all cleaned up.

I think it helped a few stay safe and sober.

I hope it did.

Still smiling after 24 hours


  1. There's no telling how much good you did. Someone may be alive now because you opened your home and your heart to those in need. I commend you and hope that if I'm ever able to do something so wonderful, I will have the courage to do it.

  2. Opening your home like that was a gutsy move. Full marks for your courage and caring.


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