Monday, November 1, 2010

He Makes An Ugly Girl!

Kenny is always doing things last minute. He is definitely a spur of the moment type of guy. So Saturday night he came to me and said I don't have a costume for Halloween so he was just going to dress up as a girl. He asked if I had a wig. No! If I had one I would wear it to cover up this limp mop of fine hair on my head. But... we did have a wig out on one of the mannequins we were using for a Halloween display.

He got the wig, got a shirt out of my closet, and then asked me for a bra. I don't know any 21 year old men that would want to wear their mother's bra except for Kenny. He also wanted full makeup. When Kenny is in his funny mood anything goes. He knew his friends would flip.

I enjoy these times with my son. I would have liked to have seen his friends faces when "Kendra" walked in.

He changed the hat to one that fit better and he made me even out his eye liner!
Lily LOVED having another girl in the house!
Yep, that's my boy!

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