Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our First Visit From Agent E

Last night about 9:30 we got our first unannounced visit from Agent E and Agent M. Agent E is a very nice man and I know (well he told me) that he likes Kenny and hopes that he will be able to help Kenny and keep him going forward. We chatted, we were friendly, except for Kenny's dog Ryker who jumped all over him and Lily. Lily was scared to death that they were coming to take Kenny to jail. I even invited them to sit down!

But darn it there is something about a man or group of men that can walk into our home anytime and look through our drawers and closets that is just disturbing to me. I know, I know you reap what you sow... I also know that if I were to put a lock and key on my bedroom door they wouldn't go through it, but I don't want a lock and key on my bedroom door.

Kenny wasn't even here last night. He was at an AA meeting. He is never home at night. So, for the next two years I will be gracious and kind and open my doors to these men who may or may not go through my underwear drawer.


  1. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Try to think of it as helping your son and not so much as some strange men going through your personal things. I know its hard but try to look at it from the perspective of they are trying to keep him safe.

    Also unless you were told other wise from a lawyer or someone of authority in your state dont bother with a lock on your bedroom door, because they are Kenny's PO's and he lives in your house they legally have the right to search anywhere they see fit without a warrent.

    Stay strong and do it for him, and try to remember with any luck it wont last forever. If you and your son could come to trust his PO in the end the PO could be a good alli to have in alot of ways.

  2. Denise I am hoping that Kenny gets a good relationship with his PO. The PO told us this is a crucial time. He said that people who are in trouble for the first time and on parole either spend the next 30 years in and out of jail or they get the message the first go round and don't repeat. I prayer that Kenny gets it the first go round.


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