Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Money Tree is Withering

Kenny is impulsive.

Being that way has caused many problems for him and for me. He works a full time job, actually about 65 hours with all the appointments he has during the week. He gets paid every two weeks but the money doesn't last that long. I must say he does pay bills first. I am very proud of him for that. The rest though does not go to savings to buy a car or to save for school it all goes to things, stuff, clothes, cigarettes, food, Cd's. Then of course when it's gone he comes to me. I am learning to say no.

He has close to $1,000 worth of car stereo equipment sitting in his room because all his cars have either been wrecked or driven to death. His grandmother give him stock for his college, that went to rehab (I would use that money for that again if needed) but it is all gone now.

His recent legal stuff is costing $250.00/hour for an attorney. We won't do that again, and he knows it. It's like a one time get in big trouble pass. Next time he will get a court appointed attorney.

I am still paying on hospital bills from his last car accident and the monthly meds cost hundreds of dollars. I know I am not the only one out there dealing with the expenses of a sick child. I believe we would all do it over again for our child, but it's hard. It's hard not being able to go on family trips or worrying when the next doctor's office is going to call for their money. Car insurance will go up because "his friend" drove Kenny's car up the canyon, got it stuck, blew up the transmission (totaled the car) then put Kenny in the drivers seat and bailed. Kenny was so drunk he didn't have enough sense to tell anyone he wasn't driving. "Friends" will be another post!

The one thing I did allow Kenny to get was a dog. I thought getting him a companion dog would be a good thing. Well, most of the time Kenny is gone and he goes where the dog can't go. So I am now stuck with this horse of a dog that has to have food and puppy training classes. The dog, Ryker, is growing on me. Just one more thing to take from the money tree.

How is your money tree weathering the seasons?

First day we got Ryker

Ryker got caught inside the bunny cage with Bunny

playing dress up with Ryker - don't know if blonde's have more fun or not!

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