Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Good Day

Today has been a good day. When Kenny has a good day we all have a good day.

He was told at work by another coworker that he had done a good job which in turn made the coworker look good and it also made his job easier. Things like that can make such a difference in anyone's life.

Kenny went to see his therapist. That went well too. He came out and told me a joke. I just looked up the meaning of the word he had told me and never before realized it was a dirty phrase so I will leave the joke out of my post! But, when Kenny is telling a joke all is well.

I then took Kenny to the high school where he graduated from. He has remained good friends with a few of the teachers. One of them asked him to come and talk to the class about mental illness, drugs, jail, and then Kenny read some of his poetry. The students were able to ask him questions. Kenny is very truthful, so I think it may have opened some kids eyes.

These kind of days are few and far between right now. I cherish them.

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