Sunday, October 24, 2010

Calling All Parents

Since I have started the journey with this blog I have found several blogs written by people with mental illness. They are coping. They are finding their way. I have hope.
I would like to see more parents blog. I want to connect with them. I want to know how they handle situations. There are a few that I have found. I will follow them. I wonder if parents are embarrassed, ashamed, or just plain to busy to blog about their child. I know I could use my time more wisely, but I don't want too.
Those that have commented on my blog have left great words of advice. Of course if  anyone does leave a negative comment I will just delete it.
Back to the blogs I have found. They are talking about the same things that Kenny deals with distorted reality, sleep problems, ups and downs, and downs and ups. I am glad I started this blog. I think it will be helpful.
As for Kenny. He has slept all weekend, except at night; which isn't new. He got frustrated Friday night and threw my cornbread that I had made for a church party. He is damn lucky that it didn't get ruined!!!! I made him take Ryker to the puppy training class on Saturday. He said he was taught how to make Ryker wait at the door, but he couldn't remember what they told him. Luckily he brought an instruction sheet home. He goes to AA every night and played on an AA softball team. Friday night was his last night of softball, they got the sportsmanship award. I am sorry to see that it is over. It got him out and exercising, even though he smoked almost every time he came off the field. Tonight he called me to ask if our house could be used for the Thanksgiving 24 hour AA meeting house. We have a great setup that would allow us to host something like this so I said yes. Guess I should go talk this over with hubby now.

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  1. I really enjoy your blog and I really need to blog more on mine. I would like for other people to become aware of bipolar and the effects it has on the family.


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