Friday, October 8, 2010

All Rise

Kenny was always a good kid, still is. But, he is compulsive doesn't think things through.

So imagine how I felt when at 3:00a.m. one day in May when I get a call from the county jail. On the other line is Kenny, in tears.

He's been arrested.

I asked him if he was okay but I was angry. What now?!? We have had to deal with speeding tickets and car accidents. Most of the car accidents were not his fault, but either way they are a pain to deal with.

This was not a speeding ticket or a car accident. He got caught with drugs.

I was speechless. I was sick of my stomach. I was terrified. I wanted my baby boy home so badly at that moment and I couldn't have him.

Then I found out that my oldest son knew and hadn't told us. I was furious! The police had told him not to tell us to let Kenny do it. For clarity, my other son, Henry, was not with him when this happened but when Kenny was arrested he told the officer to call Henry to come pick up the car.

Well, the next day I called a friend whose husband is an attorney and asked him for references for a good attorney. We got one, he's very good, he has done an excellent job.

Instead of jail time Kenny was sentenced to what is called Mental Health Court. Every Monday he has to go and stand before a judge and tell the Court how is life is going. He has strict conditions that he has to comply with. Show up to court, no alcohol, no drugs, no spice (YES, this is nasty stuff!) There will be random drug tests. He has to continue seeing his therapist and bring a note from the therapist stating he is talking and taking his meds. He has to check in with his Probation Officer "Agent E" every Wednesday after he goes to his NAMI Connection class. NAMI is not actually court ordered and he was going to it before he was sentenced, but the Court highly recommend he continue going. The Court also wants him to continue with AA.

He is sentenced to do this for 2 years. If he fails to comply with any one of these conditions he could be put in prison, not county jail, prison.

Kenny knows this. He's been told this. He understands this. I actually think he enjoys being able to go before the judge and say today I am 70 days clean and sober. Everyone claps for him. I hope and pray he continues to go.

Yes, I take him every Monday. I want to. We (hubby and I) rarely let him drive anymore. So, I have cleared my calendar every Monday and Wednesday for Kenny. I take him to make sure he gets there and he is on time. I take him so I can clap for him. I take him so I'll know if he's not in compliance, put in handcuffs, and taken off to jail. I'll know this time.

Jail is not a place I like to visit my children.


  1. I know just how you feel. I got (almost)that same phone call. The only difference my call came from the principal at my sons high school. There was a warrent for his arrest and he was being taken into custody. He was charged with assult. I live a block away from the school and they wouldnt wait 2 min for me to drive up there. At the time he had just turned 18 so he was charged as an adult. He was going through some adjustments to his meds and his impulse control was non existant.We wernt as lucky as you. We didnt have a good lawyer, and he was convicted of assult. Thankfully he only got a weekend in jail and a year suspended, and after a year it could be removed from his record and his record was sealed. That weekend he was in jail was the longest, worst weekend of my life!

  2. This may have been the best experience for him. A wake up call back to reality. Your prayers are being heard for things to have gone the way they did. What better opportunity would there have been to get him to learn to cope with this and take responsibility for his well being. The last thing he needs is recreational drugs and alcohol. I've been through this with my sister. We're total opposites... When she's in the emergency room, she swears she's never doing... (whatever it was that time) again and as soon as she feels better we anticipate the next emergency call. She has a lot of other issues, too. I think I may go into that more on the Awareness post tomorrow. Anyway, they always say don't mix these meds with other drugs or alcohol. You got a great attorney and judge to handle it the way they did! YAY!! ;D


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