Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Agent E

With Kenny's recent trouble with the law he now has a probation officer, Agent E. The first time we met Agent E he told us to be at his office at a certain time and day. Kenny tries to work full time so we asked if we could change it to a day when Kenny had other required meetings so Kenny wouldn't lose so many hours. Agent E agreed.
Well, Agent E has only made it to one of the 4 scheduled appointments. The one appointment he did make it to he made it clear to us that basically the whole family is on probation.
As long as Kenny lives in our home:
  1. we are not allowed to have alcohol or drugs in our home (no problem for us, we don't drink or do drugs)
  2. we are not allowed to have knives anywhere but the kitchen or a tool box (my son Tim is a chef, so we had to get special permission to have his knives in his room)
  3. we are not allowed to have guns or ammo anywhere on our property (not even an empty shell casing) this could lead to TEN YEARS IN FEDERAL PRISON for Kenny if these items were found on our property.
  4. Kenny cannot move from our home without Agent E's permission.
  5. Kenny cannot go on vacation without Agent E's permission.
  6. Our home can be searched any time day or night.
  7. He can't keep company with convicted felons unless at an organized AA activity (that's fine with me!)

So at the last court meeting some guy came up to Kenny and told him to be at the probation office on certain morning. I called Agent E and told him the conversation and he told me no, Kenny needed to show up on the scheduled day and if he (Agent E) wasn't there to talk with Agent M. Well we went to the scheduled day and again Agent E wasn't there so Kenny tried to talk with Agent M. Agent M told Kenny he would not talk to him and to show up on the morning that Agent E told us not to show up at - aaaggggggggghhhhh Agent M is an arse!

My husband and I are responsible people and we have taught our children (even Lily) that they need to be responsible for their actions. Kenny has done very well to try and right his wrong. He is trying to be responsible but the system is making it very hard!

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